1. How big are the pictures ?

Pictures are 3000 pixels in the long dimension, the short dimension varying in function of the image crop, usually around 2000 pixels.

2. Can I see samples ?

Yes you can see high resolution (3000 pixels long) samples here, here, here and here. The photos in the members area are not watermarked of course, but they bear the site signature in the lower left corner.
Besides, the first image of subset "a" of each set is viewable as a medium resolution file (900 pixels long), it is indicated by a grey background behind the thumbnail.
On top of that, the updates page offers a randomly changing medium resolution image (400 pixels wide).

3. Why so few samples ?

We know every site out there provides tons of free stuff... We believe this shows little respect for the work and dedication of the models and the photographer.
When you shop, you surely don't expect every shop owner to offer everything in his/her window to any potential passing by customer.
Besides bandwidth is expensive and scarce.
This site is aimed at the discerning connoisseur, not at the "download 'till you bloat" surfer. Sorry.

4. What equipment do you use ?

We use Nikon equipment: early sets were shots with D1x, D2h and D200 while more recent sets were shot with D800. Lenses of choice are the 28-70 mm f2.8 in studio, the 70-200 f2.8 VR outdoors and the 85 mm f1.4 for sweet portraits.
In the studio we use 600 Js Elinchrom strobes with assorted Chimera soft boxes.

5. Can I contact the models ?

You are more than welcome, you are in fact encouraged, to send comments about the site and/or the models. However comments will only be forwarded to the model(s), if they are respectful and tactful. We reserve the right to withhold anything we consider inappropriate. (Rule of thumb: ask yourself if you'd like your mother / wife / sister / daughter to receive what you're planning to send). Your comment will be forwarded to the model with your e-mail adress: it will be entirely up to her to answer you or not.

6. Can I model for you ?

We're looking for beautiful, happy, cheerful young women with charm, charisma and a positive attitude. If you've looked around this site, liked what you saw and think you have what it takes to model for us, please send an e-mail with some photos to

7. Are you available for commissioned work ?

To cut a long story short, YES ! Please send an e-mail to detail your wish.

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