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In the course of the past few years, making photos for DOMAI and GoddessNudes I have come up with a large number of photo sets. And I wanted to share them.

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discerning people can tell and enjoy the difference between quality, respectful photography and mass production porn.

Hopefully this site is unlike anything else on the web:
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emphasis on the MODELS who I will never thank enough for agreeing to share their beauty with the rest of us mortals.
- all (decent)
members comments are forwarded to the models. Your favourite model(s) will actually read your compliments and enjoy it.
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What you will find here can is my most personal work, done with dedication, pride, respect. No iron-clad, predefined rules, just creative encounters with lovely models, each having her own personality, her own mood, her own preferences.

For me these photos are the result of an encounter with an actual, real PERSON. I hope each photo truly represents her personality. I like to call these photos "naked portraits" and I am proud that some models show my photos to their mom who find them beautiful. even the more erotic photos are made with the utmost respect for the model. Each model is truly unique and brings something entirely personal to the shoot.

To the photos !

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